‘Andor’ Episode Three Review

by Frank Martin

If the Andor show is an origin story about how a rebel hero was born than Episode Three is an indicator as to how successful the series will be. The first two episodes moved rather slowly as they introduced Cassian’s (Diego Luna) world and set the stage for the drama to unfold. But all of the dominoes that were set up in those episodes came down in a final premiere episode full of tension and action. More than that though, the episode also revealed some insight into Cassian’s character and, hence, as to how he will rise in the Rebel Alliance.

The third episode essentially serves as the climax to what can be considered the shows first story arc. With time running out to escape the planet, Cassian has to sell a stolen piece of equipment to pay for his trip. The buyer, Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård), isn’t necessarily interested in the equipment, though. He’s more interested in recruiting Cassian for what is most likely the Alliance. He sees in Cassian a skill to evade capture and infiltrate Imperial security. What follows after Luthen’s pitch is a crazy gunfight in the streets as the two of them evade their pursuers and escape. It’s also worth noting that Syril Karn (Kyle Soller), the agent in charge of capturing Cassian, is going to have to eventually face repercussions for leading the mission against his superior’s wishes.

What’s great about this episode is not just the action, but that it says a lot about the current states of the galaxy. As the authorities close in on Cassian, his community essentially supports him. They create a sense of foreboding and intimidation that is pretty chilling as the battle unfolds. Furthermore, Cassian is essentially a nobody. But through grit and tenacity he’s going to rise to become a force in the Rebellion. If these are the seeds as to how that happens it will truly be a journey to behold.

Andor streams Wednesdays on Disney+.

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