Symbiotes Invade ‘Marvel Future Fight’

by Gary Catig

It’s an invasion in the newest update of Marvel Future Fight so you better get prepared for some Symbiote action. In “Symbiote Invasion II,” more characters, uniforms and tier upgrades arrive in the blockbuster mobile RPG.

The two latest characters to be made available are Gorr from Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder and Toxin (Modern). To play with the Symbiote theme, Venom (King in Black), Agent Venom (Classic), and Scream (Silence), all will receive new uniforms.

Over in the Alliance Battle mode, Squad battle has been replaced with a higher difficulty level: Legend. If you want to test your skills, select your strongest combination of heroes that can survive the battle. There are also new character tier upgrades for Gorr (Natural Tier-3) and Venom (Tier-4 with new Striker skill). In addition, Agent Venom, Toxin and Scream can receive both Awakened Skills and Transcended Potential.

Other features in the update to raise the overall gameplay experience are improvements with Skill Tooltip, Skill Preview, and Combat Ready (hero setup function has been added at the beginning of combat).

Marvel Future Fight is currently available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

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