Art For Art’s Sake #173: All The Art That’s Fit To Print This Week

by Richard Bruton

More great art to put before you, as we go all Art For Art’s Sake on you again…

Bernie Wrightson – Superman does get angry sometimes…

Nick Percival – never seen this one before… the world of Dredd meets the Muppets?

Steve Mannion – Fearless Dawn meets Hellboy unused cover idea…

Marc Laming – X-Men Hellfire Gala commissions…


Steven Austin:

My most recent commission, another Bolland re-creation, this time of Eagle Presents dd #Judge Dre26, with some differences, namely the background and the addition of some hover cars, plus Dredd’s more current looking with the newer Lawgiver etc.”


Mark Sexton – commission…

Another from Steven Austin

From David Roach, John Buscema commission/print

John K Snyder – Spidey Ska commission –

More of Jonathan Edwards‘ gorgeous landscapes… Portmerion

…and Osaka at night

Lee Carter – Judge Dredd/Judge Death commission

Kanan Jarrus-Core – variant Star Wars cover…

John McCrea – Mandalorian commission

Mick McMahon… those Dredd boots…

John Watson – Legion of Substitute Heroes, A2 watercolour commission.

The Batcave lithograph – Dick Sprang, 1995

Tom Gauld

Chris Wahl – Tank Girl does Stranger Things…

Marguerite Sauvage – Flash

Kev Crossley – Marshal Law:

As a warm-up this morning I thought I’d finish a couple of commissions off… this one is Marshal Law. Not a character I’m familiar with, and I’ve never drawn him before. This is a re-creation of a Kev O Neill drawing.. it isn’t too faithful.. I’ve bounced between O-Neill and my own style, and thoroughly enjoyed the madness of it!”

Pernille – Hit Girl

Mike Collins – Lucky Luke

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