Advance Review: Revealing Origins In `Sins Of The Black Flamingo’ #4

by Tom Smithyman


While this series has been strong, this penultimate issue feels thin. The story centers around a rescue and some needed exposition. But once those are addressed, there isn’t much sense of urgency to set up the final installment.


In any story, exposition is more of an art than a science. There’s no predetermined, optimal path for a writer to follow. By revealing too much too soon or by stringing the reader along for too long, the writer runs the risk of losing the audience’s attention.

Sins of the Black Flamingo writer Andrew Wheeler seems to have found the right formula – at least for this story. By giving some much-needed background on the mysterious angel Ezekiel and the evil Thorndike Scar, the story starts to make more sense. And just in time as the limited series is set to conclude with the next issue.

Wheeler’s sense of timing is good, though this issue feels a little light. Sebastian Harlow, the Black Flamingo, has been kidnapped by a neo-Nazi group set on giving some of its members eternal life. Meanwhile Scar is still out there trying to get his hands back on Ezekiel, whom Harlow previously rescued. The issue is oddly bookended by an erotic dream then a spa session. Expect plenty of action in the next issue as Wheeler ties up his loose ends and potentially sets the stage for future Black Flamingo adventures.

Despite the thin plot, artist Travis Moore has plenty to work with in this installment – and he makes the most of it. As depicted by Moore, the dream starts off in simple black and white drawings, followed by detailed pencils and finally colors, courtesy of Tamra Bonvillain. A flashback that gives the background on Ezekiel and Scar is dynamic, capped off by depiction of a God visiting his righteous vengeance upon some found fathers who dared test him.

As seen in this issue, the timing of revealing secrets is only part of trick in creating a great series. Perhaps when the final issue drops in a month, the creative team can make up for this small misstep and stick the landing.

Sins of the Black Flamingo #4 will be available for purchase on September 28, 2022.

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