Preview: Bryan Valenza And Henry Barajas’ ‘Beyondtopia Legends’ #1

by Brendan M. Allen

From the mind of Indonesian visual artist Bryan Valenza, Beyondtopia Legends is a three issue deluxe anthology series blending a variety of folklore, heroes and legends. all reimagined for American and international audiences with a unique flavor.

Co-spearheaded by LatinX author Henry Barajas, the bi-monthly mini-series brings together the best artists from Indonesia and the world, including Sami Basri, Garrie Gastonny and many more. 

Issue #1 (of 3), on sale November 2nd, 2022, features five stories introducing new heroes: 

Bandits of Batavia features Black Bull, an immortal bandit fighting to retrieve stolen sacred artifacts. 

Ommatidion is set in a dystopian future where ghosts can be scientifically explained. It stars a team dealing with paranormal activities with pretty unusual methods…

Prince of Apes depicts a world where an outbreak changed everything. After losing her boyfriend, Yuxi meets Hyang-Ji and his spirit companion, Prabhu, the Ape Prince, a supernatural being determined to save the world from the horrors it created.

  Witch Agent Galica: A case of missing children, terror everywhere: London seems to be demons’ favorite playground. But Galica stands up and is determined to find who’s behind all this.

Peligrosa: Some would say: “What’s up, Danger?” We say… ¿Qué pasa peligrosa? And the young LatinX vigilante IS dangerous. She patrols the streets, saving kids from both ICE and mobsters. 

Featuring exclusive covers from Stephen Segovia, Philip Tan and Karen S. Darboe for issue #1, Final Order Cutoff for Beyondtopia Legends is Monday, so be sure to let your local shop know if you want this one in your pull box.

“I’ve had this whole universe in me for so long,” says Valenza. “All the pieces finally came together to create an amazing series: my Indonesian background, my personal and professional relationship with Henry, a group of fantastic artists and a publisher that understands our vision. After all these years, I almost have to pinch myself that Beyondtopia Legends has become a reality and it’s only the beginning!”

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with Bryan Valenza and his amazing crew of artists based in Indonesia,” adds Barajas.

“Some of the best of the best in the industry.”

NYCC Exclusive variant cover by Stephen Segovia

Valenza and Barajas will be in attendance at this year’s New York Comic Con, tabling alongside the FairSquare Comics team in Artist Alley. 

Beyondtopia Legends #1 will debut at the show for $30, with an additional convention exclusive cover from Stephen Segovia. This edition will come with an extremely limited print run.

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