Advance Review: Choose Your Own Adventure In `Rogue Sun’ #7

by Tom Smithyman


This issue puts you in the driver’s seat by letting you choose Rogue Sun’s path forward. It’s alternatingly thrilling and enraging, but those who embrace it will get a big kick out of the format and the lesson the issue is trying to teach. The choice is in your hands.


For those of us of a certain age, Choose Your Own Adventure books were a staple of a pre-teen library. From The Cave of Time to The Third Planet from Altair, this series put the readers in control their own destiny by providing hours of diversion – and hopefully inspiring a love of reading.

Writers Ryan Parrott and Nick Cotton take that approach by putting you in charge of the latest Rogue Sun adventure. The issue starts off straightforwardly enough, with the hero being called out to the Guld of Mexico to fight a sea monster mashup. In the middle of the battle, a time traveler called Ornate appears, setting this story apart from a typical issue.

Throughout the rest of the book, Ornate gives Rogue Sun a series of binary choices – rescue the hostages or save the building – that force the reader to make decisions and jump from one end of the issue to the other. The nature of the story will force you to reconsider your choices – and in the end, the very nature of choice. Unlike the classic book series, this one really only have one ending. But getting there is either half the fun or a source of endless frustration, depending on whether you embrace the concept.

Guest artist Ze Carlos provides strong visuals for this installment. The hero seems to be ripple with more energy under Carlos’ inks. And colorist Raul Angulo helps the drawing pop off the page with his fiery hues.

As seen in the series’ just-concluded arc, Rogue Sun was forced to make a number of choices that will impact the character’s future path. By exploring the ramifications of our choices, this single issue serves as a great bridge between his introduction and what comes next.

Rogue Sun #7 will be available for purchase on October 5, 2022.

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