An Interview With Greg Weisman And George Kambadais About ‘Gargoyles’

by Benjamin Hall

Greg Weisman is the creator of the Disney cartoon Gargoyles (1994-1997). He is also a writer of various other television shows and comics (Kim Possible [2002-2007] and Star Wars: Kanan [2010]). George Kambadais is an artist responsible for various variant covers for DC’s The Flash (2016-Present). One of his other recent works is Dynamite Entertainment’s John Carter Of Mars (2022). Weisman and Kambadais are, respectively, the writer and artist of the upcoming Dynamite Entertainment comic book series Gargoyles (2022-Present).

Preview image from Gargoyles by artist George Kambadais

Benjamin Hall: How did this new series come about? Specifically who approached who?

Greg Weisman: Honestly, I’m not sure how it all came about. But Dynamite editor Nathan Cosby contacted me and asked if I wanted to write the book, and I jumped at the chance.

George Kambadais: I was also approached by Nathan cosby since we were already working together on John Carter of Mars, Nathan thought I’d be a good fit for Gargoyles, and boy am I glad he did!

Hall: Is this series going to delve into any of the previous comics?

Weisman: We count the SLG run of Gargoyles comics as canon, along with the 65 episodes of the first two seasons of the Gargoyles animated series. The story basically picks up a few months after the SLG comics ended. But you won’t need to have read any of those comics – or even watched the series – to figure out what’s going on. Everything you need to know to enjoy the Dynamite Gargoyles series will be right there on the page.

Hall: And does that affect the fun of creation for either of you?

Weisman: This is all a ton of fun for me.

Kambadais: I love the Gargoyles Saga and continuity so, for me it’s a blast being a part in the creation of this story.

Hall: Speaking of creation, will we see redesigns and/or new develops for old characters?

Weisman: Nothing is static in the Gargoyles Universe. Beyond that… no spoilers.

Kambadais: I don’t want to spoil anything either, but for now I’m working more or less with characters we know and love. As far as what the future brings, I am as excited to find out as everyone else.

Hall: George, which character has been hardest to draw in action?

Kambadais: The Gargoyles are a whole other thing as far as action sequences go since they are made of stone. They require different physics and aesthetics to be taken into consideration when portraying motion … so they all take a bit of getting used to… and then there is Coldstone who is a third whole different deal, Stone AND metal!!!

Hall: Greg, what keeps drawing you back to this story?

Weisman: I never really left this world behind. I just keep coming up with more ideas for it. So getting a chance to tell some of these stories is a true thrill for me. Seriously, I can’t even…

Hall: Will this start with a time jump, or act like it is still the same time as the show’s end?

Weisman: Issue #1 is set about eight months after the end of “Hunter’s Moon,” which is the three-parter that ended Season Two of the television series. And that puts issue #1 about four months after the last issue of the SLG run.

Hall: Is this like The Goliath Chronicles, or more the original run of episodes? Cause the original was darker in tone.

Weisman: We’re kinda ignoring Goliath Chronicles.

Hall: Finally what would you like to tease the readers with?

Weisman: Well, I’m notoriously averse to spoilers, but we’re going to start out by exploring the Gargoyle Clan’s life in Manhattan. They’ve got a Mutate Baby to save, and a gang war to avert. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, trust me.

Thanks to both Greg Weisman and George Kambadais for this interview.

Gargoyles #1 will see release from Dynamite Entertainment on December 7.

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