Not Your Final Girl Podcast- Monster-Daughter Bonding: Byzantium (2012) & Hellbender (2021)

by Ariel Dyer

Parenting seems hard enough even when you don’t feed on the lives of mortals, right? Candace and Ariel are launching Spooky Season with two stories of monster women, their monster daughters, and the supernatural bonds that often look just like sharing genes: blood-drenched and atmospheric Byzantium (2012)and witchy indie-rocking coming-of-age story Hellbender (2021).

a mother and daughter look at each other, smiling

First off, Candace would like to clarify that she does know the character from Pride and Prejudice is named Mr. Bingley, not Mr. Bingham. Also Byzantium just got added to Tubi, not Netflix. Corrections aside, this is a perfect offbeat double feature for settling into the Halloween mood without getting too explicit yet. If you’re looking for too explicit, sit tight – we’re saving some more overtly Spooky Season fare for later in the month, of course, but you know it’s always the devil’s holiday in our hearts.

mother and daughter

So come on in, especially if you are a real life vampire or witch, and listen to us talk about generational trauma, accidental batman, the dangers of sheltering your kids, and the coolest family rock band and filmmaking collaborative we’ve ever heard of. Also Ariel signs up live for restock updates on the H6llb6nd6r vinyl.

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Movies Discussed: Byzantium (2012), Hellbender (2021)

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