This October, Titan Brings You Tank Girl Month With ‘King Tank Girl’ And ‘Tank Girl Colour Classics Trilogy’

by Richard Bruton

The girl with the tank is back (again) as Titan Comics bring us a double feature of Tanky this month, perfect for fans old and new!

Incredibly, it’s going to be 35 years next year since Tank Girl first burst forth in Deadline magazine, foul-mouthed and magnificent, brought to life by co-creators Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett.

It was a huge success and there was a time where you just couldn’t move for seeing old Tanky’s image in the counterculture – the comics, the t-shirts, even the movie (which really isn’t as bad as everyone makes out). And then things went quiet, Hewlett went off to become a big pop star with Gorillaz and Martin headed off for other writing work. Thankfully, life without Tank Girl didn’t last that long, as Martin returned in 2007 and has been making the world a better place with a lot more mayhem ever since, along with an incredibly talented set of artists including Ashley Wood, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Jim Mahfood, Jonathan Edwards, Rufus Dayglo, and Brett Parson.

All of which brings us to now, as we get something old and something new from Tank Girl and Titan Comics.

Greg Staples’ cover to King Tank Girl

First, the new, and the latest collection comes in the shape of Alan Martin and Brett Parson‘s King Tank Girl, released on 18th October, presenting a whole load of brand new stories that finds the girl with the tank return to earlier days.

Inside, it’s Tanky and the gang heading to the beach for Barney Don’t Surf, getting inside the expensive world of Wellbeing, and we get to see Tank Girl crowned King of England. And all that before tea time!

And then, also released 18 October, we get the Tank Girl Colour Classics Trilogy (1988-1995) Boxed Set, collecting together all three volumes of the original and recently coloured Tank Girl strips from Deadline by Alan and Jamie.

It’s Tank Girl, Booga, Jet Girl, Sub Girl in the original strips, packed with chaos and absurdity, all the brilliance and bravado of two young punk creators finding out just how far they could go with their creation.

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