Battling Sea Spirits On Land And In Water: Reviewing ‘The Magic Order 3’ #3

by Olly MacNamee


The young Rosie Moonstone goes on an underwater adventure that leads her to see things a little girls just shouldn’t see. Luckily her uncle Sasha is on hand to help her in her education. At least I think that’s what the Magic Order’s number one hitman has in mind, right?


After a rather sweet reunion between Leonard Moonstone and his estranged wife, Salome, we get a cock-sure Reagan heading out the morning after the night before before landing on the key focal character of this issue, Rosie Moonstone. A child who came into her own in The Magic Order 2 and is now possibly getting too big for her own boots. Or at least that’s how Sacha Sanchez seems to see it. A girl coming back from the dead and more powerful than ever can never be a good thing. Not if films like Pet Semetary are any indication of such things. This kind of supernatural resurrection never ends well. Especially when your uncle is a ball-breaking hitman for the Magic Order.

Mark Millar delivers another foul-mouthed script full of confident, albeit it cocky,  characters who revel in their magical abilities and cast spells and open up portals without a second thought. Amongst the swaggering and swearing we also get a well executed action sequence involving some sea spirits that ebb and flow beautifully thanks to the fluid line-work of artist Gigi Cavenago, who’s artwork really does embody the “less is more” school of aesthetics; both stylish and minimalistic. Why have excessive cross-hatching when a few well weighted and breathtaking strokes of a brush can do so much to convey the story, the emotions, the danger? 

Of course, it helps that colourist Valentina Napolitano helps set the tone and setting through well chosen colours. The bright decadent magenta, red and orange colour scheme of Reagan’s playboy pad contrasts well with the cold blues of the ocean deep in which Rosie goes hunting for the sea spirits who are causing havoc on land and in the sea. 

All-in-all another fun issue with a foreshadowing of a possibly darker issue to come thanks to the inclusion of Sanchez who seems to contradict himself in offering a helping hand to the young mage. Or does he have more nefarious thoughts on Rosie’s status in the Magic Order?

The Magic Order 3 #3 is out now from Image Comics

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