Crowdfunding Comics: Clover Press and Yoe! Comics’ ‘Popeye Variations: Not Yer Pappy’s Comics An’ Art Book’

by Richard Bruton

75+ underground and mainstream cartoonists in one hardback book of very different takes on the spinach-munching, bully-punching Popeye the Sailor Man with Popeye Variations.


What if a who’s who of cartoonists drew the world’s favorite one-eyed sailor who has fire-alarms for fore-arms? That’s what stupendously happens between the covers of Popeye Variations!

Craig Yoe

Popeye Variations is crowdfunding right now on Kickstarter and includes the likes of Roz Chast, Shin Ying Khor, Jorge Guitierrez, Steve Purcell, Kelley Jones, Jeffrey Brown, Roger Langridge, R. Sikoryak and more – so many more!

Popeye Variations is brought to you by Clover Press and Yoe! Books, a 10″ x 10″ hardcover book featuring over 75 underground and mainstream artists and cartoonists with their own takes on EC Segar’s classic character.

The book includes new comic strips and pin-ups from a who’s who of cartoonists as well as art by Bud Sagendorf from the original 1940s & 1950s Popeye comic books.

Popeye Cartoon Club Comic Strip by Erica Henderson

In 2012, IDW Publishing and Yoe! Comics teamed up to re-present the classic Popeye comic book series that debuted in 1948 by Bud Sagendorf, the long-time assistant to creator EC Segar. And many of the variant covers of IDW’s comic book run is featured in Popeye Variations, together with the chance to get limited quantities of the original variant cover comic books as special tiers on this campaign.

As for other tiers and add-ons, there’s a lot – bookmarks, stickers, extra comics, several sets of postcards.

Popeye Cartoon Club Comic Strip by Shing Yin Khor
Art by Kelly Jones

We’re excited to publish this amazing collection of Popeye art, some seen in limited circles, but all deserving to be shared with Popeye fans around the world. Craig Yoe and Robbie Robbins have curated and designed a beautiful hardcover that must not be missed.

– Publisher Hank Kanalz

Art by Rob Chast

This special book is packed with illustrated eye-candy that we know fans will adore. But we are particularly thrilled that the prolific talent responsible for the Popeye’s Cartoon Club digital comics will have the opportunity to see their work live on through a new medium in this beautifully curated anthology.

Christina Nix Lynch, licensing director at King Features

Now, you know how we said it was a who’s who of artists? Well here’s the full list of those involved.

Aeron Alfrey, Andrew Farago, Alex Hallat, Andrew Farago, Anthony Freda, Art Fuentes, Bianca Xunise, Bill Holbrook, Bob Spang, Bones Leopard, “Box” Brown, Caro Ramsey, Carol Lay, Cat Farris, Chogrin Munoz, Chris Mostyn, Craig Yoe, Darryl Young, Dave Calver, David Degrand, David Reddick, Dean Haspiel, Donnie Pitchford, Erica Henderson, Isabella Bannerman, Jack Mendelsohn, Jason Nuttall, Jay P. Fosgitt, Jean Wei, Jeff Parker, Jeffrey Brown, Jim Engel, Jim Siergey, Jim Siergey, Joe Wos, John Hambrock, John Kovaleski, John Rose, Jules Feiffer, Jules Rivera, Justin Pierce, Kate Ashwin, Kel McDonald, Kelley Jones, Len Danovich, Liniers, Lonnie Milsap, Luna Ouyang, M. Patrinos, Maddi Gonzalez, Magnolia Porter Siddell, Marloes De Vries, Mary Fleener, Micheline Hess, Nate Bear, Olive Rae Brinker, Oscar Grillo, Pedro Vargas, R. Sikoryak, Randy Milholland, Raul The Third, Reimena Yee, Rina Piccolo, Roger Langridge, Roz Chast, Ryan Estrada, Samir Barrett, Sander Ettema, Sandra Bell-Lundy, Sarah Rose, Sarah Winifred Searle, Savannah Zambrano, Scott Shaw, Shaenon K. Garrity, Shan Murphy, Shannon K. Garrity, Shing Yin Khor, Stan Sakai, Steve Lieber, Steve Mannion, Steve Purcell, Susan Camilleri Konar, Tom Neely, Unca’ Lar ‘Desouza, Vannotes, Woodrow Phoenix, Yesenia Moises. (And breathe!)

The Popeye Variations – curated and designed by Craig Yoe and Robbie Robbins, published by Clover Books and Yoe Books.
Live on Kickstarter and runs until 20th October 2022.


Art by (left) Jim Engel (right) David DeGrand
Art by (left) Rich Powell (right) Derek Ballard

Comic Strip by Jim Engel, bookmark art by Steve Purcell
Left to right – art by Woodrow Phoenix, Jorge Gutierrez, Pedro Vargas
Left to right – art by Carol Lay, Shawn Pacheco, Donnie Pitchford
Left to right – art by Dave Calver, Aeron Alfrey, Lan Danovich

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