Gobelins Animation Teases New Shorts For 2022

by Tito W. James

Gobelins Visual Arts School is known for stunning animated shorts produced by their graduating students. The variety of art styles and maturity of subject matter has garnered praise and attention from animation fans and pros worldwide. Now, the school has released a teaser trailer for the animated shorts to come this month.

French animation has been on the rise with studios like Fortiche (Arcane), Studio La Cachette (Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal), and studio CRCR (Valorant ‘Fire Again’) producing stunning animated programs and trailers. When I was first exposed to the animated shorts from Gobelins, I knew that if we had movies and TV shows with this level of sophistication it would change the landscape of animation forever. It appears my predictions are coming true faster than expected.

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