NYCC 2022:  Dan DiDio Offers a Sneak Peek at `Ancient Enemies’

by Tom Smithyman

Frank Miller may be a master storyteller as a writer and an artist, but leave it to Dan DiDio to be the showman who can whip up excitement along with sales.

DiDio, the former DC Comics publisher, has teamed up with Miller to create publisher Frank Miller Presents. To hear DiDio tell the story at a special panel during New York Comic Con, the company was his idea. Miller offered to have DiDio edit his new Ronin II title for DC, but DiDio said the only way he’d do it is for his own publishing company.

Along with Ronin II, the DiDio-written Ancient Enemies will be the first titles from the publisher on November 23rd, 2022.

The six-issue series, drawn by Danilo Beyruth, is an action superhero book in which the fate of multiple worlds is on the line. It involves two extraterrestrial civilizations that have been at war for millennia. After the fighting brought each community to the brink of extinction, they decide to take their fight to Earth. After a time, the Terrans start to take sides, which forces the characters to explore the origins of their beliefs and prejudices.

“I love the idea of people harboring hatred and animosity for generations without remembering the cause of their hate,” DiDio said.

While Miller is focused on Ronin and Sin City, he is writing and drawing the backup story for a new character, the Geek, who debuts in Ancient Enemies #2. Veteran artist Joe Prado will pencil and ink the other backup stories for the series.

“I’m hoping we get you caught up in the world we create,” DiDio said. “This was a concept that I had floating around for a while, but it didn’t come to life until Danila brought it to life.”

The entire Frank Miller Presents line will have a throwback feel. The books will be printed on traditional newsprint and no issue will have more than a single variant cover. With Miller insisting on reviewing every page, the publisher won’t offer more than four issues in a given month.

“The goal is to be kind of ridiculous,” DiDio said. “We’re not worried about making movies. We’re worried about telling a great comic book story from beginning to end.”

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