Preview: Welcome To ‘Sophie’s World – A Graphic Novel About The History Of Philosophy’

by Richard Bruton

SelfMadeHero’s latest graphic novel brings the worldwide philosophy bestseller by Jostein Gaarder to comics

First published in 1991, Sophie’s World soon became a bestseller for Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder, becoming the bestselling book of 1995 with the publication of the English translation and later going on to sell over 40 million copies in 59 languages.

And now Gaarder’s beloved exploration of ideas and philosophy comes to comics courtesy of SelfMadeHero, as writer Vincent Zabus and artist Nicoby tell us the tale of Sophie’s World for a whole new audience.

The novel is a wonderful philosophical journey revolving around 14-year-old Sophie and the mysterious mentor who introduces her to philosophy and sets her off on an exploration that transforms her world. From the looks of the preview, it seems that Zabus and Nicoby have taken all that made the novel such a success and adapted it beautifully for comics.

Here’s the SMH PR…

“One day, Sophie receives a cryptic letter posing an intriguing question: “Who are you?” A second message soon follows: “Where does the world come from?” It is the beginning of an unusual correspondence between our curious young heroine and her mysterious penpal. As the questions begin to pile up, Sophie is propelled headlong into a startling adventure through the history of Western philosophy. Her search for answers will see her explore each of the major schools of thought, as she tries to uncover the true nature of the letters, her secretive teacher… and, above all, herself!

In this witty comics adaptation, Zabus and Nicoby have reinvented Jostein Gaarder’s novel of ideas – a beloved bestseller that has already won the hearts of over 50 million readers around the world – to bring Sophie’s charming exploration of meaning and existence to a whole new medium.”

Sophie’s World – A Graphic Novel about the History of Philosophy – Vol I: from Socrates to Galileo

Adapted by Vincent Zabus, illustrated by Nicoby. Based on the book by Jostein Gaarder. Published by SelfMadeHero on 13 October (UK) and 18 October (USA). Originally published in French by Albin Michel.

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