Art For Art’s Sake # 175: Inktober And All Its Spawn

by Richard Bruton

All through October, all across the Internet, artists of all levels have fun playing around with art on all sorts of themes, more and more seemingly springing up every year. So, in a shockingly timely way (usually I only realise sometime in November), here’s our little Art For Art’s Sake for Inktober…

There’s a lot of different variations on Inktober going around and we’ll be keeping an eye on them all through the month, but here’s just some of the delights to be found in the first week…

Alex Krokus sums up (a little early) just how a lot of the artists who enthusiastically begin anything Inktober-ish feel by the end of the month…

Steve reckons he’s already wrecked it on day 1

Trudi Castle:

I’ll try as much as I can to do some Inktober as I always enjoy it 🙂 Gonna be an action packed month midway on Day 1 is my fave ghost Pokémon, Gengar!


Dave Bardin – Dick Tracy

Daniel Warren Johnson – doing Rocketober…

Steven AustinDay 1 – Modesty Blaise

And more from Steven AustinInktober Day 2:

From Ian Livingstone’s Fighting Fantasy Book, The Forest of Doom – the Shape Changer.

Philip Bond is having his own Poptober… with Bjork

… and Saint Etienne

Doriane/Blibloop is having Linktober – day 1, bird

day 2, bones

Jeremy Brooks is having himself a little TMNTober

Another artist doing TMNTober… Jody Edwards

Kelly Williams is having a little Addamstober…

While Janie is having an inktobear…

Mike Maihack‘s having his own #SuperBatober… intros

Day 1 Gargoyle

Day 2 – Scurry

Day 3 – Bat

Ron Salas is doing Batober…

Mike Dawson – Honor Your Intentions…

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