‘Andor’ Episode 5 Review

by Frank Martin

If it hasn’t become apparent already, Andor is definitely a slow-burn kind of show. But it is not a typical slow burn. As seen with the first three episodes that were released all at once, the show seems to be organizing its pacing and narrative into arcs. That means it has a period of buildup that will culminate in an episode of fast-paced action. While it is yet to be seen if the entire series will be like this, this week’s episode is an indicator that it just might.

The plot primarily focused on Cassian (Diego Luna) and the new group of rebels he joined as they prepare to attack the Imperial facility. Also, there are some scenes with secondary characters as the show rounds out their lives and provides some context for how they will fit into the grand scheme of things in future episodes. While it hasn’t become apparent how all of these different pieces will come together, the series is fairly long compared to other Disney+ shows. That means there is plenty of time for the various story threads to merge into what is, hopefully, a grand climax for the season and (eventual) series finale.

There will undoubtedly be fans that are displeased with the way the show is structured. This week’s episode had pretty much zero action and was all character driven in anticipation for the next episode. Fans that are looking for more of an isolated series of episodes that each contain their own story in action might be turned off with this approach. At the same time, there was something to admire about diversity in the Star Wars way of storytelling. There have been so many different installments into the universe in recent years that to see Andor do something different is refreshing. Of course, this all hinges upon whether or not there is a good enough payoff. Viewers will just have to wait and see.

Andor streams Wednesdays on Disney+.

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