NYCC 2022: Saturday Swag Brag

by Brendan M. Allen

Another day on the New York Comic Con floor, another backpack full of awesome books, art, and assorted goodies to take back home. At the Abrams Books booth, I was able to snag a couple interesting  graphic novel adaptations, The Keeper and After The Rain. At Scout’s popular booth, I had to grab the ashcans of Martin Cove’s collaboration with Don Handfield, Prodigal Son and a couple other titles. Yes, THAT Martin Kove. Down in Artist Alley, David Pepose was kind enough to sign my copy of Savage Avengers #1.

Also in Artist Alley, I was able to snag signed copies of Sea of Sorrows and Happy Hill #1 from Rich Douek and Joe Mulvey’s table. A couple aisles over, I got my big piece for the weekend. I was able to purchase an original page from Caitlin Yarsky from Coyotes, the series she worked on with Sean Lewis. Very excited to get home and get this framed.

And lastly, at the Halloween Ends panel with Jamie Lee Curtis and Drew Barrymore, they were giving away these laminated Laurie Strode and Michael Myers face signs/masks/fans. I don’t even really know what they were intended for, but they’re printed on sturdy stock, and when I take those wooden handles off the back, they’ll look great on the wall in my bar.

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