NYCC 2022: Adaptive Cosplay– Builds For Cosplayers With Physical, Developmental, And Sensory Impairment

by Brendan M. Allen

There is a need in the word of cosplay for accessible options for those living with physical, developmental, and sensory impairment. The need has always existed, but awareness is growing and options are expanding and becoming more readily available. Championing this movement is a group called Capes For A Cos, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating custom, adaptive cosplay for children with disabilities.

Tucked away on one of the smaller panel stages in the cosplay area of New York Comic Con, Capes For A Cos has some excellent tips for adaptive cosplay, from material selection to ease of wear and quick escape from costume pieces.

Not wanting to miss a single detail that could be helpful for current or potential cosplayers that have impairments requiring special consideration, I asked Capes For A Cos for their entire slideshow presentation to publish here.

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