Dark Horse Books Announces ‘Prism Stalker: The Weeping Star’

by Brendan M. Allen

Dark Horse Books and Sloane Leong are teaming up to bring you Prism Stalker: The Weeping Star next Summer. Leong returns to the world of Eriatarka to bring you an all-new story featuring the character Vep in this follow-up to the hit series. 

‘The planet Eriatarka grows more inhospitable as its colonization at the hands of the Chorus continues. Vep and her fellow students are reaching the end of their basic combat training in the pneumatic arts and begin to exercise their abilities outside the colony-city of Elefstris. Their objective: subdue the unruly planet bent on scouring the Chorus’ presence from its surface. But what exactly are they subjugating? And what will the cost of conquering be?’ 

Prism Stalker: The Weeping Star trade paperback will be in comic stores June 24, 2023 and bookstores July 4th, 2023 for $24.99.

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