Not Your Final Girl Podcast – Midnite Movies: The Midnight Hour (1985) & The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

by Ariel Dyer

Hey girls, did you know? That uhm… ghouls just wanna have fun. And okay, it’s not actually October yet, but Candace and Ariel are exploding from their graves early to come at you with a trick-or-treat core musical monster bash double feature: chaotic made-for-tv movie The Midnight Hour (1985) and iconic “longstanding social phenomenon” (thanks for this analysis, Ebert) The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975).

What’s the difference between a “two-hour made-for-TV movie… billed as a humorous horror romp” and “a campy monster bash in which revived corpses break into song and dance?” Is Sandy from Grease spending eternity in hell? Is stealing from a museum okay if the stuff technically belonged to your great grandparents? What is it about watching Rocky Horror at midnight that drove people to obsession, and united the east and west coasts? What entity possessed Tim Curry to give the performance of a generation? Come dive into the coffin full of popcorn that is this episode, and find out for yourself.

A man dressed as a mummy talks to a zombie

Most importantly, hit us up and tell us your fun, pre trick-or-treating vibes Halloween watches! And who are your horror blorbos, if you’re not too shy to reveal them.

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Movies Discussed: The Midnight Hour (1985), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

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