Skybound’s ‘Creepshow’ #5 Final Issue Creators Revealed

by Olly MacNamee

Skybound has announced the creative teams bringing you the two stories in Creepshow #5, the last in the series, this January, 2023.

First up, writer Steve Orlando (Marauders) and artist Marianna Ignazzi (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) bring us a story about a young man who’ll go to extreme lengths to retain his youth:

“Creepshow was a world I just had to step into. For me, horror has always been at the core of some of our deepest, darkest, mythologies. Born out of our primal fear of the dark, whispered as illuminated oral histories to keep us close to the safety of the campfire. Horror has always been a beautiful lens to speak about the dangers of the moment, its obsessions, its toxicities, the up to date versions of those dangers waiting too far from the fire, in the dark, beyond moderation on the slide to excess and depravity. So, the chance to weave the present in with the iconic, horrific critiques of the human condition seeded long ago in Marlowe’s Faustus was an exciting one! In our Creepshow short, you can’t beat time and you can’t beat the devil…but maybe you can pit them against each other for just a little while longer.” – Steve Orlando

“Horror movies and horror books were a staple in our home when I was growing up. My older brother introduced me to them. I liked the suspense and the times that we needed to hold our breath, as if our breathing could affect the story.  So, when Alex Antone contacted me to work on Creepshow with Steve Orlando, it brought me back to the time when we were kids and crazy about all things horror. It is kind of thrilling to imagine that people from all ages might be holding their breaths too as they read this amazing anthology with my drawings on it.” – Marianna Ignazzi

Then, writer Clay McLeod Chapman (Scream: Curse of Carnage) and up-and-coming artist Anwita Citriya bring you to a take of a debutante ball so horrifying you’ll be crawling out of your skin.

“Ever since I was a kid, Creepshow has traumatized me… from cockroaches to killer oil slicks from the film, to weretortoises and killer queen Beeyonces from the TV show… It’s only fair that I now get to return the favor and contribute an all-new trauma for the Creepshow comic: Southern debutantes.” – Clay McLeod Chapman

“I’ve always found the period of transition into adulthood fascinating. An experience riddled with anxiety as we undergo physical and psychological changes. So, when I was invited to illustrate Clay McLeod Chapman’s beautifully grotesque tale about the centuries-old coming of age tradition, the debutante ball, I was beyond ecstatic! I hope our readers enjoy the story as much as I have enjoyed illustrating it!” – Anwita Citriya

Creepshow #5 (of 5) will be out on Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 with the following covers:

  • Creepshow #5 CVR A by Chris Burnham (NOV220208)
  • Creepshow #5 CVR B by Kelley Jones (NOV220209)
  • Creepshow #5 CVR C by Vance Kelly (1:10 Incentive)

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