Joe Quesada Lends His Artistic Talents To Bad Idea

by Olly MacNamee

Recently Bad Idea launched a Kickstarter, which we learn was fully funded in just 7 minutes! And now they’ve managed to rope former Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada into the mix as he contributes a cover to a new edition of Hero Trade: Hero for Sale. A cover homaging the original cover by David Lapham and coming with a $240 pledge.

For that you’ll get the following:

  • Signatures & sketches by Matt Kindt!
  • BAD IDEA’s first mini comic!
  • The first BAD IDEA treasury-sized edition!
  • A reproduction of the original script to Hero Trade: Hero for Sale!
  • One of just 100 ‘relic’ pieces of the commemorative Quesada-Chrome foil cover!
  • The Joe Quesada cover friggin’ laser-etched onto a piece of crystal!!

All this and more. For more details do check out the Kickstarter here now.

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