Dynamite Unveils ‘Darkwing Duck’ Covers To Own The Night This January

by Erik Amaya

This January, Darkwing Duck returns to own the night in the pages of comic books published by Dynamite. To celebrate the daring duck of mystery’s imminent return, the company revealed a number of variant covers for the series first issue on Thursday.

David Nakayama takes point with a profile shot of the title character — alias Drake Mallard — emphasizing his comic book inspiration and the Disney aesthetic. Mirka Andolfo also offers a cover, seemingly inspired by the Darkwing Duck theme-song and its description of the terror who flaps in the night. Lesley “Leirix” Li goes for a cover that would look right at home on an issue of Disney Adventures magazine. Trish Forstner, meanwhile, provides a cover that could easily be a frame from an episode of the animated series, Jacob Edgar highlights DW’s bike, the Ratcatcher, and Carlo Lauro offers up a look at one of series’ rogues, Megavolt. Take a look at all the covers in the gallery below:

The creative team behind the book is soon to be announced. Darkwing Duck #1 hits store shelves this January.

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