‘Catwoman’ And ‘Yara Flor’ Artist Joelle Jones Talks Zestworld

by Tom Smithyman

Joelle Jones is among the many artists who has jumped onto Zestworld, a one-stop shop for creators to publish their work, to create newsletters and to connect with fans. In this exclusive interview with Comicon, the Catwoman and Yara Flor artist and Jones discusses why she was drawn to this platform and what’s next for her Lady Killer title.

Tom Smithyman: Newsletters and self-publishing have become the rage in the industry over the last several years. It started during the pandemic but is still popular now. Why do you think that is?

Joelle Jones: You know, I’m not really sure why it is becoming more popular. But speaking just for myself, I enjoy it because they can feel like a respite from the quick takes and promos you usually get from social media. Something a little more personal and casual.

Smithyman: Is there a risk in using a platform like this that you wouldn’t have if you stuck strictly to the major publishers?

Jones: I suppose that is something yet to be seen. For someone like me, who is terrible with technology, it does require a little more work than usual, and I hate promoting my own stuff, but that’s a small trade off to have complete freedom and autonomy in the stories I want to tell.

Smithyman: How has the response been from fans and from other artists to the platform? 

Jones: So far, the response has been great! It also has a feeling like a little community between the artists that really makes the whole endeavor really exciting!

Smithyman: How do you pitch Zestworld to other artists?

Jones: I haven’t had to do much pitching, or at least it doesn’t feel that way. I’m usually just honest about the process and what they offer and gush about the incredible support behind it all!

Smithyman: The next phase of your title Lady Killer is going to come out on Zestworld. What can you tell us about this next chapter and when can fans expect it?

Jones: I am so excited to be returning to a story I started way back in 2014 and continue it on like I always planned to do but never had the time!

I’m planning an 80-ish page special that picks up right where series II left off. I’m also using the opportunity to explore the main character Josie Schuller’s back story and how she got where she is in the first place. I gotta say, I’m having a blast with it!

Smithyman: What other projects do you have coming up on the horizon?

Jones: That’s about it for now, throwing myself into this book and a few other pokers in the fire that I can’t quite talk about yet!

Smithyman: Well, please keep us informed. And thanks for taking the time to talk!


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