Not Your Final Girl Podcast- LIVE! on Halloween: Ghostwatch (1992) & WNUF Halloween Special (2013) w/ Lesley Manning and Chris LaMartina

by Ariel Dyer

October is finally here, and boy do Candace and Ariel have some spooky season programming for you.

Live from Not Your Final Girl HQ (not really, but we’re suspending our disbelief here), we are talking about two phenomenal Halloween specials – iconic and terrifying “live” broadcast Ghostwatch (1992)and acerbic “live” news special WNUF Halloween Special (2013) – with their respective filmmakers, Lesley Manning and Chris LaMartina.

three news reporters stare at the camera with "Ghostwatch" superimposed above

It was an absolute honor and so much fun to get these guests together and discuss the importance of verisimilitude, the horrors of both the supernatural and the mundane, revealing your DNA in your work, capturing the essence of live TV, and what niche subset of found footage these films occupy. If you haven’t seen these movies, we highly recommend you watch them as a double feature (and check out Out There Halloween Megatape after). You can thank us later. Let us know how many times you catch a glimpse of Pipes.

WNUF Halloween Special TV28 with image of a house in the background

You can follow Lesley Manning, director of Ghostwatch, on Instagram here, and visit her website here. Follow Chris LaMartina, writer, director, and producer of WNUF Halloween Special, on Twitter here, and buy Out There Halloween Megatape (aka WNUF Halloween Sequelhere.

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Movies Discussed: Ghostwatch (1992), WNUF Halloween Special (2013)

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