‘Lower Your Sights’ Artists Donate Original Art To Benefit Children Impacted By Ukraine War

by Brendan M. Allen

In September 2022, Mad Cave Studios and Voices Of Children teamed up to publish Lower Your Sights, a graphic novel benefit anthology to raise awareness and proceeds for children impacted by war. Now, two original pieces from the graphic novel have been graciously donated by artists J.G. Jones and Liana Kangas, and will be made available for auction on Heritage Auctions.com – with all proceeds going to The Voices of Children Foundation. 

The auction will open on Thursday, October 27th and close on November 2nd.

Original piece by Liana Kangas will be available for auction here.

“When Jeff reached out and offered to donate his cover to be auctioned for this cause, I read his email in disbelief,” said Mark Irwin, Mad Cave’s Vice President of Business Development. “Not only is Jeff one of the premiere cover artists of our time, but his heart is even bigger than his talent. We’re lucky to have this beautiful piece of art gracing this project, and the world is lucky to have J.G. Jones in it.”

“Anything is worth doing that can help the civilian victims of this utterly unnecessary, devastating war foisted on Ukraine by its belligerent neighbor. I hope the sale of the original cover art can add a few more dollars to help families displaced by the horrors of war,” Jones said.

Original piece by J.G. Jones will be available for auction here.


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