Two New Characters Added To ‘The King Of Fighters Allstar’ And More

by Gary Catig

The King of Fighters Allstar is always providing new and fun content to the mobile game including in the latest update. Players can look forward to two additions to the roster, more battle cards, and an in-game event.

One new character is Athena Asamiya (Yellow Element/Balance type). She has a leader skill that raises [Extreme] fighter’s ATK by 50% and Critical DMG by 35%. Her special skills increase ATK by 10% and Penetration by 600 for 5 seconds for each attack, stacking up to 5 attacks. It also allows her to become immune to DMG for 4 seconds when HP is 20% or less at a cooldown rate of 10 seconds. When equipped to Athena Asamiya, new battle cards are available that increase Critical DMG Rate by 30% for 10 seconds.

The other character is Lady Chin Gentsai (Red Element/Defense type. She brings along a leader skill that increases [Red element] fighter’s ATK by 50% and Critical DMG rate by 25%. Her special skills increase Physical DMG by 150% of Critical DMG Rate for 7 seconds upon landing an active skill with a Cooldown rate of 7 seconds. Her special skills also include a PVP Exclusive special that casts a Critical Hit Shield to absorb DMG for 7 seconds when HP is 70% or higher. The Critical Hit Shield will be removed from players once the shield is attacked 6 times as well and has a cooldown rate of 15 seconds. When equipped to Lady Chin Gentsai the finisher cooldown will reset and make skills available.

Other features include:

  • Team Co-op Event: Various rewards are available for those who clear the missions during the event period, such as BS Fighter Selector, depending on the team score or individual score.
  • Popstar Gift Event: Players can acquire either Popstar Cake, Popstar Chocolate or Popstart Heart Letter via Halloween Gift Item Mystery Box during the event. The item can be gifted to fighters and rewards will be offered in accordance with the player’s level achievement.
  • Rush Dungeon: Fire, Psycho Soldier!: Players can receive rewards such as ‘Fire, Psycho Soldier! Rush Event Coin’ and growth items for fighters once they clear the round for each stage.
  • Challenge Dungeon, Strength Equals Cuteness!: This new dungeon will be opened once players acquire either XV Athena Asamiya or Lady Chin Gentsai.
  • Halloween Witch’s Login Bonus:  A special login event will offer players rewards including the Awaken EXP Capsule or Elite Enhancement Hammer.
  • EX Event Codex: Acquire XV Athena Asamiya or Lady Chin Gentsai during the event period, and rewards will be offered as the fighter grows.

The King of Fighters Allstar is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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