Upcoming: ‘Crab Lane Crew’ By Jim Medway And Bog Eyed Books Is Pure Childhood Perfection

by Richard Bruton

Trust me, you’re going to adore Jim Medway‘s brilliant Crab Lane Crew, newly collected by Bog Eyed Books and due to come out in December 2022.


Many, many years ago there was a comic for children here in the UK called the DFC. And inside the DFC there were many wonderful comic strips from some wonderfully talented creators. Sadly, the DFC ended with issue 43, running from 2008-2009. A few years later, the same team and many of the same creators from the DFC launched the Phoenix Comic in 2012, a wonderful kids comic which continues today.

Anyway, amongst the many, many wonderful works in the pages of the DFC was Jim Medway’s Crab Lane Crew. Just a couple of pages every week of kids doing nothing but hanging around and chatting, getting into a few minor scrapes.

Nothing exciting, nothing over the top, no grand adventures full of mystery and intrigue – and it was simply perfect, entrancing, entertaining, whether you were six or sixty, it didn’t matter, there was something unique and charming about the whole thing.


This was back when daughter Molly was a young thing and she adored it and managed to sum it all up so perfectly – “it’s just nice to see them talk and have fun”. And that’s everything that Crab Lane Crew was all about, friendship and what it’s like to be a child.

You’ll have the pleasure of discovering just how wonderful it is from 1 December when Gary Northfield and Nicky Evans‘ Bog Eyed Books puts out the collection of Jim Medway‘s Crab Lane Crew.

But for now… a little preview, grabbed from Medway’s website. There will be plenty more to come!


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