Advance Review: Launching A New Story Arc In `Blood Stained Teeth’ #6

by Tom Smithyman


The second story arc drives this sometimes-tired series in an exciting new direction. Moving away from a “vampire of the month” format, the new storyline gives some interesting backstory told with strong art and colors.


Beverly Phelps is a desperate woman. And desperate people do desperate things – even making deals with vampires.

With a young daughter dying of cancer, Phelps – a doctor herself – turns to the supernatural after conventional medicine fails her. After researching vampires, she finds the mysterious – and not so subtly named – Mr. Bite.

He’s similar to Atticus Sloane, the main character from the first story arc who turns regular human into bloodsuckers for profit. While the first arc deals with Sloane killing several of the “sips” he previously created, this current plot seems to be more of a flashback, likely setting up a future confrontation between the two characters.

That because, in this story by writer Christian Ward, Phelps chooses to have Mr. Bite…well bite her, so she can use her vampire blood to save her daughter. It’s the ultimate act of love. Kinda. But it’s certain to have consequences as Phelps looks for help from the first born – the original vampires with more powerful blood.

The shift in storytelling is a welcome change from previous issues, which ran the risk of becoming tired as Sloane continually hunted down the “vampire of the month.” Ward does a good job of setting up what could be a strong story and an even more exciting showdown after a few installments.

Guest artist Mack Chater fills in this issue for series creator Patric Reynolds. Chater does a nice job of emulating the artwork from the first storyline, while still adding his own unique spin on the characters. He’s more than helped by Heather Moore’s distinctive work on colors.

While its unclear if Phelps will be the main character in this whole arc or just an interesting diversion, the pivot is a great choice for the creative team. Readers will be more than willing to follow her on her journey to the dark side and to see whether she – and her daughter – are able to survive.

Blood Stained Teeth #6 will be available for purchase tomorrow.




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