Advance Review: Love and Betrayal in `Time Before Time’ #18

by Tom Smithyman


A standalone bridge tale meant to span two story arcs, this issue provides some more insight into the war between two time-traveling gangs. While it’s not critical to the overall storyline, the issue provides a relatable tale of love, loss and betrayal.


With any relationship comes the risk of betrayal. Kareena Jemisin learns that the hard way in Time After Time #18.

Jemisin, the leader of a time-hopping gang called The Syndicate, falls for Rosalyn while on a mission. The two quickly become a couple, and we see the ups and downs of their relationship – sometimes literally – play out over the span of a few years. But it turns out Rosalyn is actually Madeline, a spy from a rival gang called The Union.

The story begins with Madeline’s death – which was shown several issues ago – at the hands of the series’ main characters. They don’t appear in this issue, which is meant to serve as an interlude between story arcs. That leaves Jemisin to seek revenge while learning the painful truth about her lover.

The story, written by Rory McConville and Declan Shalvey, touches on some of the more confusing elements of this series. With multiple characters skipping backwards and forwards in time over several issues, the narrative often requires patience. Yet the writers have done a good job of simplifying their plot in recent installments, and they do a good job of letting the story unfold so the reader can catch up.

Guest artist Lauren Knight draws the issue, and her artwork fits in well with the story’s established look. It’s actually remarkable how the creative team continues to find artists who can approximate the story of series co-creator Joe Palmer, who left the title several issues ago. It provides a level of stability that helps minimize any confusion within the story.

The betrayal that Jemisin feels is a universal story – for better or worse. So no matter how this brief interlude fits into the complex larger story, it’s something that most readers will be able relate to.

Time Before Time #18 will be available for purchase tomorrow.




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