IDW’s ‘Earthdivers’ #2 Gets A Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

IDW has announced that the time-travelling thriller that follows Indigenous time travellers hell-bent on preventing the founding of the United States, Earthdivers #2 by Stephen Graham Jones and Davide Gianfelice, will be getting a second printing.

“Set in a postapocalyptic near future, Earthdivers follows a small group of Indigenous survivors who time-travel to prevent the creation of America and retroactively save the world from destruction. In each arc, they will target a pivotal point in history, beginning with a mission to kill Christopher Columbus in 1492.”

“It’s such a thrill for Earthdivers to be finding its audience out there. The more people see Davide’s art, the better. And the more people we can get out for Columbus doesn’t hurt, either. Such an honor for all the comic shops to be sharing this with their readers. This has always been my dream. I never thought I’d get to actually live it, though. And hold on: the water back in 1492’s about to get pretty choppy…and maybe a little bit red, too.” – Stephen Graham Jones

“Seeing such a great enthusiasm for the story that Stephen and I have created makes me enormously happy and continues to push me to give my all for this great series. Earthdivers is such a beautiful and intense project, with all these protagonists becoming more and more alive and real page after page. We are so glad you are enjoying it so much. And a huge thank you also to the entire IDW team who are so vital to making this possible.” – Davide Gianfelice

That’s good news for the creators and for IDW which has inked a development deal with 20th Television (a division of Disney Television Studios) to adapt Earthdivers as a series for the small screen.

Look out for Earthdivers #2 second printing, out Wednesday 21st December from IDW.

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