‘Dead Eyes’ Returns, A Festive ‘Criminal’ Cracker And More In ‘Image!’ #9

by Olly MacNamee

Image! #9 comes out December and will feature another first:

“Just in time to curl up and read by light of yule log, Image! #9 will feature a brand new Criminal story from crime noir masterminds Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips titled “Teeg’s Christmas Carol,” the highly anticipated return of Gerry Duggan and John McCrea’s beloved Dead Eyes, as well as many more exciting tales.

Brubaker said of the special Holiday season Criminal strip:

“I’ve been wanting to do a Christmas-themed Criminal story since we first started the book. So, Sean and I had a blast returning to that world for ‘Teeg’s Christmas Carol.’ Twelve pages of bad dad Christmases and history lessons.”

Duggan added about the return of Dead Eyes:

“We’re thrilled to bring you lots more of the unkillable comic Dead Eyes. McCrea and Spicer show why they’re one of the best teams in the business. Ring in the new year with us in Image! # 9, and a bunch of criminals. 2023 is going to be Dead Eyes’ year.”

McCrea concludes:

“Knock him down, he just gets back up—check out this KO of a Kristmas story, Gerry and my way of saying ‘Welcome back to Dead Eyes, folks!'”

Plus, here’s what else will be included in this festive issue:

“Image! #9 also includes an all-new short by Bitter Root co-creator Chuck Brown and artist Steven Statz, “Familiar Fears,” as well as the latest chapters of “The Blizzard” by Geoff Johns and Andrea Mutti, “Closer” by Kieron Gillen and Steve Lieber, “Red Stitches” by Brenden Fletcher and Erica Henderson, “Gehenna” by Patrick Kindlon and Maurizio Rosenzweig, “Hack/Slash vs. Image” by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli, “Billy Dogma” by Dean Haspiel, and “Stupid Fresh Mess” by Skottie Young.”

Now THAT’S a line-up. Some of the biggest names around contributing to this great anthology series. You pick up Image! #9 when it comes out Wednesday December 28th from Image Comics. Call it a late Holiday gift to yourself.

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