Electronic Arts And Marvel Announce A Three Game Deal

by Sage Ashford

Marvel and Electronic Arts have confirmed they’ll be teaming up for a series of games set within the Marvel Universe. This was rumored earlier in the year, then later confirmed when EA admitted they were working on an Iron Man game with the help of Motive Studios, the studio responsible for the upcoming Dead Space remake.

At the moment, what’s known is that Electronic Arts will be working on “at least” three action-adventure games, and they’ll all be for consoles and PC. Further information was discussed with Iron Man, which will be a third-person title, and it’s team lead is Olivier Proulx, who previously worked on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Outside Iron Man, the rumor is the next game will be a Black Panther title, being worked on by the newly formed EA Washington studio. Meanwhile, the third game is far enough off for Electronic Arts they haven’t decided on what it is yet.

This is the second deal Electronic Arts has made with Disney, with the company agreeing to work on three Star Wars titles at the beginning of the year. It seems the company is all in on single-player titles once again.

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