Phil Jimenez Takes Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Back To The Bronze Age In Connecting Covers

by Brendan M. Allen

On November 30, Avengers from across the Marvel multiverse will come together for the greatest battle in their 60-year history in Avengers Assemble. Serving as the capstone to Jason Aaron’s epic run, Avengers Assemble will unite Aaron’s Avengers and Avengers Assemble in a saga that stretches from the prehistoric beginnings of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to their last stand at Infinity’s End. To celebrate this grand crossover, fans can pick up connecting covers for both series by some of the industry’s leading artists!

These Avengers Assemble Decades Connecting Covers highlight the various ages of this iconic family of heroes, starting with acclaimed artist Phil Jimenez’s tribute to the 70s. Defined by creators such as Steve Englehart and George Pérez, this decade saw the Avengers’ roster swell like never before with mainstays like Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, and Beast joining the team. Jimenez captures this explosive era of Avengers storytelling beautifully in this stunning new piece. 

Check out the covers now and stay tuned for the reveal of more Avengers Assemble Decades Connecting Covers hitting stands in the months ahead.

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