Preview: Time For A Second Ghoulish Viewing Of ‘Tales From The Black Museum’ – The Latest ‘2000 AD’ Digital Collection Release

by Richard Bruton

Welcome back to the Black Museum, home to all the darkest of mementos and curios from Mega-City One history as we settle back for a second digital volume of terrifying tales from the vaults.


Tales From The Black Museum Volume 2 is the November Digital Edition release from 2000 AD, collecting tales of dark intrigue as told by the museum’s curator, Henry Dubble.

So, time to join Henry for another series of tours around the Black Museum, deep in the bowels of the Grand Hall of Justice, where every exhibit, no matter how insignificant, no matter how everyday, are all touched by murder.

And Henry’s all too keen to share the tales of mayhem and violence attached to each and every one of these examples of the long and varied history of homicide from MC-1’s past.

The second volume of these terrifying tales from the vaults includes creators Michael Carroll, Arthur Wyatt, Alec Worley, Vince Locke, Tiernen Trevallion, and P.J. Holden, all taking you through the grisliest, most inexplicable crimes in the Justice Department’s history.


If you’ve read any Black Museum tales in the past, you’ll know they’re a lot of fun, the longer page count of each one giving them more depth than your standard Future Shock, each filled with an inevitable and enjoyable descent into the darkness that gets whatever it is into the Black Museum.

Tales From The Black Museum Volume Two is out now from 2000 AD – available everywhere you get your digital comics from, including the 2000 AD app and web shop as DRM-free downloads, and on Amazon Kindle devices.




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