Kickstarting Comics: ‘Harker: The Black Hound Part 2’ Brings The Second Harker Storyline To A Thrilling Close

by Richard Bruton

Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks’ Harker, one of the best police procedural comics I’ve ever read brings the conclusion of its second storyline to Kickstarter, as Harker and Critchley investigate murders most foul up on the Yorkshire Moors…


Well, seeing it’s quoted on the Kickstarter for this new volume I’m just going to quote me here… this is what I said about Harker in the past…

Harker is just the finest police procedural you’re ever going to read. A dazzling display of sparkling dialogue, intense action, and just the right smattering of perfectly pitched comedy along the way. You can’t do better than Harker. 10/10.

Frankly, I’ve been saying that about Harker, in all its many forms, since I first came across it in self-published comic form in 2009. And I’ll keep saying it to all who’ll listen as long as Gibson and Danks keep making it – which I hope is for a long, long time to come. The most recent iteration comes from Time Bomb Comics in two-part collections of each storyline. We’ve already had parts 1 and 2 of The Book Of Solomon and part 1 of The Black Hound.

It is simply magnificent, homaging classic TV detective shows – think Sweeney, Ashes To Ashes/Life on Mars, Columbo, and Sherlock all rolled into one and then made better – but on top of that it’s infused with wonderful wit, humour, and sarcasm, and best of all, it’s from a creative team that have been working together for a long time and have a wonderful understanding of how to put together great comics.


Harker: The Black Hound Part Two is the fourth, full-colour, 68-page collection that finishes the Black Hound storyline that found poor old DCI Harker, our wonderfully grumpy lead in this wonderfully perfect series, on holiday in Whitby up in the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors. Glad to be escaping London and the craziness of his job hunting down those unusual murderers, he’s not best pleased when a famous novelist is killed right in front of him, not best pleased at all.

Now, with Harker’s insufferably cheery sidekick, DS Critchley called up to investigate, a second body washing in with the tide, plus the mystery of the hound on the Moors, it’s time to head straight into book 2 of The Black Hound. Personally, I can’t wait to read it all over again.


The campaign has already reached its target, which means there’s plenty of chance to push for the stretch goals now, including exclusive print edition, and bookplate edition, along with plenty of chances to get the previous Harker volumes.

Harker: The Black Hound Part 2 is created by Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks, with colours by Andrew Richmond. Published by Time Bomb Comics.

The Kickstarter for Harker: The Black Hound Part 2 runs until 1st December 2022.

You can also buy previous volumes of Harker from the Time Bomb Comics website.

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