Advance Review: Decapitations, Animations And Mutilations (Oh My!) In `Dark Ride’ #2

by Tom Smithyman


Dark Ride keeps getting darker. That’s not a bad thing at all – especially with this creative team. This issue serves as a second beginning for the series as sibling rivalries and rescues take center stage – along with one or two shockingly dark moments.


It didn’t take long for Dark Ride to get really…well…dark.

Sure, we expected some of the darkness after a strong initial outing where the would-be main character was apparently killed in Devil Land (think Disney Land goes to Hell). And with attractions called the Necrinomicoaster, Death Drive and Camp Killer Lake, it’s not exactly the innocent fun of Dumbo the Flying Elephant or the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Still, when a possessed stuffed animal convinces a young child to mutilate herself, it creates a truly shocking moment. The act certainly fits in with the overall theme of the series, and the readers may end up kicking themselves for not seeing it coming. Still, it’s no less shocking.

Writer Joshua Williamson is responsible for story while artist Andrei Bresson brings it to life – or afterlife – with his drawings. Bresson’s depictions of the bloody girl – a smile on her face because she is convinced that she’s “helping” – make the shock all the more jarring.

The story picks up a month after the first issue, when we were introduced to Devil Land, an amusement part built on the burial site of the founder’s murdered wife. A deal with the Devil has turned the park into a moneymaking attraction. But Sam Dante, the son of the reclusive founder, is having trouble diversifying the business. The Hollywood types – who are more interesting in talking to Dante’s dad –won’t greenlight an animated series starring a devil. (Clearly they haven’t watched much of what’s streaming these days!)

How much darker will the series get? Clearly with Williamson at the writing desk, there will be plenty of twists and turns – in addition to maimings and a few decapitations. Throw in some daddy issues, sibling rivalries and at least one character who isn’t who she appears to be and you have the makings of a suspenseful must-read.

Dark Ride #2 will be available for purchase on Wednesday.

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