Scott Snyder Announces ‘By A Thread’ And The Extension Of His Deal With Comixology Originals

by Olly MacNamee

Scott Snyder is expanding his deal with Comixology Originals with the announcements of new title, By a Thread which is co-written by his son.

By a Thread will be co-written by Scott Snyder and his son, Jack Snyder. The series will be illustrated by artist Valeria Favoccia (Beatrix Rose: Vigilante) and coluored by Whitney Cogar (Giant Days).

By a Thread is a post-apocalyptic adventure about kids surviving in a future after a mysterious and deadly infection spreads across the Earth, making the very ground we tread on untouchable…

And, for those of us lucky enough to be going to Thought Bubble this weekend, you can catch Snyder there.

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