Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Welcome to the weekend. And, what a weekend. While I’m here at Thought Bubble in Harrogate covering the con, the panels and hitting the bars, I’ve still found the time to bring you another set of popular posts from the past week. Enjoy!

  1. It was a week of highs and lows with the lows being the passing of artists Kevin O’Neill and Carlos Pacheco this week. Breaking such news is never a good occasion, and it hasn’t been often we’ve had to cover two deaths in the one week. Although, it’s becoming something of a dire year, what with the passing of Neal Adams, George Pérez and Alan Grant too.
  2. One of the highs of the week was the release of Fantastic Four #1 which was previewed here.
  3. Another preview that proved popular was for DC Comics’ The Death Of Superman 30th Anniversary Special (here)
  4. Image Comics announced Night Fever from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips here.
  5. Tony Thornley announced ‘Murderworld’ from Marvel here.
  6. More comic book news, with Richard Bruton covering the news of new graphic novel, Growing Up Farley from Z2 Comics here.
  7. And once again Frank Martin’s review for the latest episode of The Handmaid’s Tale makes the list…
  8. … as does his review for American Horror Story S011 Ep.5 here.
  9. Two regulars on this list now. First, Art for Art’s Sake #179 from Richard Bruton (here)
  10. And, finally, last week’s Review Round Up here.

So, that just leaves a little something extra to share with you. This week I give you the latest John Wick 4 trailer.


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