Thought Bubble 2022: Spotlight On Gail Simone

by Olly MacNamee

A tight 45 minute panel with the takeaways below:

  • She is currently working on her very first prose novel. Which is less condensed when compared to writing for comics. And, you can take more time with prose writing. 
  • Gail admits she has no set schedule for writing as others do. When she first started writing, she would have to fit it in with work (she once owned he own hair salon), travelling and bringing up a family. This seems to be something she’s internalised, and it obviously works for her.
  • She admits she doesn’t like the process of writing. It can be lonely and difficult fitting all the “puzzle-pieces” together. 
  • Social media and Twitter: Gail still feels Twitter can give people without a voice, a voice. Particularly female comic fans, who didn’t have as much of a voice then. As for the future, with Twitter going through a crisis of conscience, she is unsure. But for now, you can still find her there. 

  • Years after her seminal ‘Women in Refrigerators’ website, Gail still sees some problem with female representation and their role in comic book narratives. 
  • Gail took the Marvel’s The Variants writing gig because of Phil Noto’s involvement. Who wouldn’t?
  • Still loves playing computer games, and most recently Gotham Knights – “I love playing as Batgirl.”
  • When once she tried to connect with her detractors on Twitter, she now doesn’t bother.
  • You can still have sexy, without being sexist, when it comes to depicting female comic characters.
  • Finally, having been asked by a fan, Gail admits she’d love to write SHAZAM! and in particular Mary Marvel. Well, if a DC Comics’ editor is reading this, then this may one day come true.

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