Advance Review: Something Is Missing In `Something Is Killing The Children’ #26

by Tom Smithyman


Something is Killing the Children is probably the best new comic book series of the decade. Yet the beginning of this new story arc is long on character development and short on action. Still any chance to see Eric Slaughter in action is a treat.


Erica Slaughter is finally back. Well sort of.

After nearly four months, Something is Killing the Children is back on comic book store shelves. While it’s technically the beginning of a new story arc, it’s really the continuation of the “Tribulation” story line. In it, Slaughter is battling a duplicitype – a monster that has cut a path of destruction through the small town of Tribulation. Slaughter’s last encounter with the beast left her bloodied and in need of rescue. To make matters worse, a hunter named Cutter is also after her.

With all of that going on, you’d think the issue would be packed with action in every panel. Yet writer James Tynion IV is saving any battles for future issues. And that is a shame for such a great series. Exposition is important in a new arc, but forcing readers to wait for any payoff seems cruel, particularly after such a long break between issues. Adding to the issue’s woes is that Slaughter doesn’t play much of a role in this installment. Same for the duplicitype. Instead, we get wrapped up in some family drama with some secondary characters.

Without much in the way of action or monsters, artist Werther Dell’Edera doesn’t have a lot to work with here. Still, any chance to see him draw Slaughter and her unnaturally large eyes is a treat to behold. And he does finally show us the “oscuratype” monster that is trapped in Slaughter’s stuffed animal Octo. 

Tynion has earned his readers’ trust with the previous issues of this series as well as a wealth of other titles, including The Department of Truth, The Closet and The Nice House on the Lake. He will doubtlessly get to some action soon – and it will be just in time to sate his audience’s appetite.

Something is Killing the Children #26 will be available for purchase on Wednesday.

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