Creator Confessions: Being An Impostor For Impostor Syndrome

by Frank Martin

One of the biggest problems facing creatives today is imposter syndrome. Plenty of people experience this phenomenon, but it seems as if artists, writers, and others who work in creative fields are especially prone to it. The basic concept: regardless of the success one achieves and the praise they may often get, they feel as if it is undeserved. They consider themselves impostors that aren’t as good as their peers. It’s such a widespread phenomenon that plenty of people talk about it, but the strange thing in even discussing imposter syndrome is that it is possible to feel like an imposter on the subject, which is very bizarre.

The best way to battle imposter syndrome is to have confidence. Confidence mainly comes from within, but it certainly helps to have others that believe in you, as well. This means a great way to dispel imposter syndrome is merely by discussing it with other people. The more it’s spoken about and out in the open, the less people internalize their own anxieties and allow it to affect them. It’s probably safe to say that every creative experiences imposter syndrome to some degree, which means they are capable of speaking about their experience. The irony comes when they feel as if their experience is not worthy of being discussed or that others cannot gain a benefit from it. In this way, people can feel like an imposter in regards to imposter syndrome.

There’s no magic bullet to the sensation of being an imposter, though and conquering all forms of imposter syndrome has to come from within. Again, the important thing is to find solidarity with other like-minded people. Understanding that others are going through the same thing and discussing it with them is the best way to overcome it. This means that no worries or fears are too small to be discussed. Everyone deserves to have as creative a life as they want. It’s just important to learn that sometimes you are in fact your own worst enemy.

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