Dynamite’s ‘Stjepan Šejić’s Sunstone’ Statue Kickstarter Is Now Live

by Erik Amaya

Ally and Lisa from Stjepan Šejić‘s Sunstone can soon be yours.

The pair from the creator’s mature romance comic book will soon be immortalized as a statue available via a new Kickstarter campaign from Dynamite Entertainment. The piece stands at 11.75 inches total, with two nearly 10 inch tall figures and a 5.25 inch base — each hand-painted. Šejić was involved in each step of the way, overseeing the design, every paint color, each eyelash, and strand of hair.

Sunstone itself is an LGBT romantic comedy with BDSM elements which received critical acclaim, a legion of fans, and spinoffs in the wake of the initial title. At its center are Ally and Lisa. The latter is an aspiring writer with submissive kinks but limited experience exploring them. Ally is a successful programmer with a dominant side. They cross paths online when Ally discovers Lisa’s erotic writings, leading to a passionate friendship and a sexual relationship in real life.

Beyond the base version of the statue, those pledging support can also choose between three limited edition variants: a blank version allowing for customization, a “diamond eye” edition utilizing a special material that causes both characters’ eyes to shine, and a further “blank” diamond eye version limited to only 39 total copies. Other add-ons include a “sweet and saucy” sticker set, a five-piece limited edition Sunstone trading card set, and a 20 page sketchbook filled with images of Ally and Lisa. Additionally, Šejić will also be offering 30 limited sketches of the characters on 8×10″ sheets using tone black and white copic markers.

Those interested in obtain a copy of the statue can head on over to the Kickstarter campaign, which will likely be funded by the time you read this!

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