Mark Millar Reveals More Fangtastic Juanan Ramírez Art For ‘Night Club’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

With Mark Millar and Juanan Ramírez’s Night Club #1 almost ready to rise from the grave this December 14th from Image Comics, Millar has once again revealed some more choice black and white preview pages from the debut issue and ahead of the FOC this weekend. And what with the first look we brought you last week that’s quite a good look we’re getting. Enough to get you thirsty for it, maybe?

“THIS SERIES WILL BE $1.99. TAKE THAT, MARVEL AND DC! You’re 17 years old and you’ve been bitten by a vampire. Do you live in the shadows and drink human blood, or do you use your newfound gifts for the dream costumed superhero life you’ve always wanted? You’re bulletproof, you can crawl up walls, and you can turn to mist, bats, or even a wolf. Why not have a little fun?”


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