Sarah A. Hoyt Continues The Story of ‘Barbarella’ In ‘The Center Cannot Hold’ This February

by Erik Amaya

February will see the return of writer Sarah A. Hoyt and Barbarella in Barbarella: The Center Cannot Hold.

Continuing on from Hoyt’s previous tale, Barbarella and her pal Vix are off to the creature’s home world to try and stop a war between the Architects and their ancient nemesis, the fearsome Unnamable — a conflict that could lead to stagger amount of death and destruction. To complicate matters, Taln is missing, leaving Barbarella to make her way through this adventure mostly alone, while Vix faces a difficult homecoming and a familiar face will returns as secrets are revealed and sins laid bare.

In a statement, Hoyt said, “Barbarella and Vix desperately racing to find the Architects and try to prevent a cosmic-level war against the fearsome Unnamable that will destroy the galaxy which is the action on the surface, but at its heart, the theme for this story is that it matters who you are, not what you are.”

Riccardo Bogani takes on art duties and provides a cover alongside variant cover artists Derrick Chew, John Cassaday, Celina, Geebo Vigonte, Jimmy Broxton, Madibek Musabekov, and cosplayer Rachel Hollon.

Barbarella: The Center Cannot Hold is set for a February 2023 debut.

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