Preview: Fictional Accounts Of Real In-Game Space Battles In ‘Eve Online– Capsuleer Chronicles’ HC

by Brendan M. Allen

Dark Horse Books has revealed a preview of Eve Online: Capsuleer Chronicles HC, out next week from writers Sam Maggs and Melissa Grey, artists Kieron McKeown and Dexter Vines, colorist Sebastian Cheng, and letterer Nate Piekos

‘Explore never-before-seen stories from the world-record breaking EVE Online game, featuring fictional accounts of real in-game space battles, deep personal stories, death, and being reborn–again and again and again! 

A new threat has come to the New Eden star cluster, an ancient and ruthless civilization, demanding all factions either submit to conversion or die. Despite their differences in loyalties, four capsuleers battle tooth and nail to save each other and all of New Eden, hoping to buy just enough time for reinforcements to arrive.’

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