Watch This: 2000 AD’s Harry Absalom Gets Animated

by Richard Bruton

Completely out of nowhere, this week saw UK animators Mashed and 2000 AD/Rebellion team up to bring us the first Harry Absalom animation, Fight Night!


Yep, it’s a six-and-a-half-minute animated prequel to the first Harry Absalom story, ‘Ghosts of London. Produced by UK animators Mashed in collaboration with 2000 AD/Rebellion, the animation is written by Absalom writer and co-creator Gordon Rennie with Absalom artist Tiernen Trevallion credited with character design and pre-production.

And it’s a damn fine distillation of everything that made the comic strip so damned entertaining that finds Inspector Harry Absalom investigating a demonic underground fight club.


And yes, if you’re thinking to yourself, “Don’t I know that voice?” well maybe you do – from Summer Holiday, Double Deckers, It ‘Ain’t Half Hot Mom, and the voice of Superted – it’s 87-year-old Melvyn Hayes as the voice of Absalom.

If you’ve never experienced Absalom, just think of him as your average old-fashioned copper, a completely miserable old bastard, grumpy as hell and likely to beat you half to death before arresting him.

Oh, one more thing… he’s not going after your normal perps. No, Detective Inspector Harry Absalom, heads a special squad that enforces The Accord – a diplomatic treaty made in the sixteenth century between the throne of England and Hell. And it’s the job of Harry and his team to sort out anything demonic or devilish that steps out of line.


Absalom was created by Rennie and artist Dom Reardon as part of their 2000 AD Caballistics, Inc. in July 2005 before moving into his own series in 2011, drawn by Trevallion. After eight years of dealing with demons in his own unique way, Harry told us all to piss off one last time in 2019s Terminal Diagnosis.

Made by Mashed, an animation YouTube channel from Channel 4 that’s more well-known for its parody animations, it’s obvious they’re itching to turn this sampler into something more:

“We think it would be really cool to turn this into a TV series. If you think the same, then share this toon with every living soul you know. You’d never know: if we get enough views, those big streaming services may become interested… This was a real labour of love by the team and we hope you love it too.”

Absalom: Fight Night. 

Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael, with co-producer Ben Smith, and executive producers Jason & Chris Kingsley. Written by Gordon Rennie, character design and pre-production by Tiernen Trevallion. 

Voice of Absalom by Melvyn Hayes, voice of Mister Vernon and Thurso by Mark Frost, voice of Sangster and Sammy by Charles Venn, and voice of Bookie by Alasdair Beckett-King.

Full credits at the YouTube video.

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