Review: ‘Voyagis’ #1 Creates A Fascinating New World

by Tony Thornley

Creator-owned science-fiction worlds are always exciting to see. Image Comics’ Voyagis kicks off new with an interesting world, engaging action and a few unique twists.

This new series kicks off created entirely by Sumeyye Kesgin, another unique element to this book.

Sen is fighting for survival on the barren desert world Alpha 7. With her partner Zakk, her only hope is to scavenge planets and water from the few sources of it on-world. They’re doing their best, but she’s about to discover there’s much more to her life than she thought.

Kesgin pulls full duty with this book- writing, art and letters- and she does a fantastic job throughout. It’s a well-rounded book, and each element is equally balanced in the book. For a first time like this, it’s fantastic to see her hit all the boxes without putting emphasis on one over everything else.

Her world building is strong. She uses tropes to get us familiar, but then builds the unique parts of it on top. Yes, this is a desert world, and a young rebel fighting an evil empire is at its core. From there though, she introduces unique tech- AI and robots powered by planets- and makes the characters interesting, even if we’re just meeting them. It’s fun and engaging, but it builds the world and characters around it.

Her art is energetic. She designs characters and a world that are familiar and relatable enough that the reader can pick it up, but just like in the writing, it builds slowly from there. You don’t notice the vines and leaves in the robots until midway through the issue. The colors are vivid, even with the environment, which makes the setting feel alive.

I really enjoyed this issue. It’s worth picking up if you’re up for something new, and I look forward to revisiting it as the series continues.

Voyagis #1 is available now from Image Comics.


An exciting debut, with great art, fun world building and an engaging story. The perfect series for a space opera fan.

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