‘Tales Of The Jedi’ – A Review Of The Ahsoka Stories

by Frank Martin

Tales of the Jedi was a great opportunity to expand upon Dooku’s (Corey Burton) character and get some insight as to how he turned to the Dark Side — mainly because his character was criminally undeveloped in the Prequels and the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. Ahsoka (Ashley Eckstein), however, had plenty of character development throughout Clone Wars. An argument could be made that she was actually the show’s main character. While it’s not necessarily odd that half of the Tales episodes focused on her, it’s just a completely different situation from Dooku because fans already have a lot of insight into how she thinks and acts, so the stories have less meaningful territory to work with.

The first episode was a nice anecdote, but it was largely inconsequential. It just features Ahsoka as an infant who shows force sensitivity. The final episode got into some substance as it highlighted Ahsoka after the end of The Clone Wars when she’s in hiding. She faces off against a never before seen Inquisitor and the episode gives some insight into what her life is like on the run. The middle episode was basically a combination of the two: Ahsoka trains against Clone Troopers throughout the conflict, hinting at her going up against them during Order 66.

The final episode was by far the best. It showcased a time in Ahsoka’s life that hasn’t been documented all too much. There’s very little information as to what happens to her between the time Clone Wars ended and when she reappeared in Rebels (outside of novels, anyway). This is the type of episode that Count Dooku had for all of his installments. So while the other two episodes are nice, they don’t have the same kind of punch that the last one did.

Tales of the Jedi is now streaming on Disney+.

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