Why You Should Watch ‘Business Proposal’

by Tito W. James

After being pleasantly surprised by Extraordinary Attorney Woo ,I decided to give more K-dramas a chance. In Business Proposal, a woman attends a blind date disguised as her friend with the goal of never seeing the man again. But when she realizes her date is the CEO of the company she works for and that he’s dead-set on marrying her, ghosting is no longer an option.

What drew me to the series was its creative use of mixed-media and stylized cinematography. If you ever wondered what the Scott Pilgrim movie would look like as a show, this is it. The characters are also a blast with the leading ladies being relatable and resourceful while their love interests are comically unattainable. The men in the show are stupidly cool– like they just walked out of RRR and right into the office. The series is based on a Korean webcomic and the show runners maintain the heightened reality. If you’re up for a fun and endearing live-action cartoon, Business Proposal will be right up your alley.

Business Proposal is now streaming on Netflix.

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